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Iconic dark grey stones at Hin Ngam Island – Satun Travel Guide

Introduction to Satun Travel Guide

Satun is a province in Southern Thailand. The provinces of Trang, Phatthalung, and Songkhla are neighbors. Satun shares a border with Malaysia’s Perlis to the south.

The territory was once a minor Malay state known as the Kingdom of Setul Mambang Segara, which was closely tied to the Sultanate of Kedah dynasty. Satun was included in Syburi (now Kedah) in 1897 and was divided between the British Empire and Siam as part of the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909. While the majority of Kedah was transferred to Britain, Satun was granted to Siam due to its large Thai population.

Satun is a relatively small province in Southern Thailand located on the Andaman Sea’s coast. It has about 100 islands, some of which are regarded as the most beautiful in the Andaman Sea. Satun, in addition to its beautiful islands, has several cultural and traditional attractions.

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How to get to Satun

Map of Satun Province

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Top Attractions in Satun

Tarutao National Park

Tarutao National Park

A marine national park known for its historical significance and natural beauty.

Hin Ngam Island

Hin Ngam Island

A little island famed for its distinctive black shining stones.

Hin Sorn Island

Hin Sorn Island

A small island that recognized by UNESCO, known for its unique rock formation.

Lipe Island

Ko Lipe (Lipe Island)

One of the most famous islands in Tarutao National Park.

Prasat Hin Pun Yod - Mu Ko Phetra National Park

Mu Ko Phetra National Park (Phetra Islands National Park)

A marine national park featuring many beautiful natural attractions.

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Satun Travel Guide - Sunset at Koh Lipe
A stunning photo of Koh Lipe during sunset – Satun Travel Guide

Summary of Satun Travel Guide

Satun is a Thai-Malaysian border province on the southern Andaman Sea. It is well-known as the entry point to Thailand’s southern islands such as Ko Tarutao (Taruto National Park) and Ko Lipe. Because Satun borders Malaysia, majority of its people are Muslim. Still unsure where to go? Feel free to explore destinations in Thailand:

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