Phatthalung Travel Guide - Thale Noi Bird Watching Park
A photograph of a long boat at Thale Noi Bird Watching Park, a freshwater lake with gorgeous views. – Phatthalung Travel Guide

Introduction to Phatthalung Travel Guide

Phatthalung is one of Thailand’s southern provinces. Nakhon Si Thammarat, Songkhla, Satun, and Trang are neighboring provinces. Phatthalung is a landlocked province, one of only two in Southern Thailand with this unique feature (the other is Yala).

Phatthalung was one of twelve royal cities formed during the reign of King Ramathibodi I of Ayutthaya. During King Rama V of Rattanakosin’s administrative reform, Phatthalung was included in Nakhon Si Thammarat. Phatthalung became a province after the county system was abolished in 1933.

This mountainous province is one of the South’s historic cities. The city’s icon, Khao Ok Thalu, stands out because of its height and can be seen from afar. This city gave birth to the theatrical arts of Nang Talung (shadow puppetry) and Nora dance. Phatthalung provides an opportunity to get away from the tourist crowds and learn about some of the country’s less well-known history and sights.

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How to get to Phatthalung

Map of Phatthalung Province

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Top Attractions in Phatthalung

A man and a woman in Thale Noi Bird Watching Park

Thale Noi Bird Watching Park

One of Thailand’s largest waterfowl reserves, containing over 180 species of migratory and indigenous waterbirds.

Phatthalung City Pillar Shrine

City Pillar Shrine of Phatthalung

A shrine constructed to safeguard Phatthalung and bring good luck.

Khao Ok Talu

Khao Ok Talu

A beautiful and iconic mountain near the Phattalung railway station.

Side Trips

External Resources

Phatthalung - Arctic Tern Bird at Thale Noi
An Arctic tern bird (also known as Sterna paradisaea) perches on a tree stump over the lotus pond at Thale Noi Bird Watching Park. – Phatthalung Travel Guide

Summary of Phatthalung Travel Guide

Phatthalung is a province in southern Thailand with no shoreline. The province is home to many natural landscapes, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, caves, and the distinct Southern Thai culture. Phatthalung is a magical jewel buried in the south of Thailand. The province is an unexplored paradise for anyone who wish to visit and learn more about Southern Thailand and its people. Still unsure on where to go? You are welcome to visit the following Thai provinces:

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