Pattani Travel Guide - Central Mosque
A photograph of Pattani Central Mosque, a mosque for local Muslims. – Pattani Travel Guide

Introduction to Pattani Travel Guide

Pattani is one of Thailand’s southern provinces. Narathiwat, Yala, and Songkhla are neighboring provinces. The attractions of modern-day Pattani include unspoilt beauty, numerous historical landmarks, and traditional culture, which has benefited from the merging of Thai, Chinese, and Islamic people.

Pattani was once a significant part of the Sultanate of Patani. Patani, a vassal kingdom of Siam for centuries, has been ruled by Siam since its invasion in 1786. The Burney Treaty with the British Empire in 1826 officially recognized Siamese claims to the land. Both Yala and Narathiwat were formerly part of Patani but were designated provinces in their own right during King Rama V’s reign as part of the territorial administration reform and formation of a united centralized Siam state.

Pattani is a lovely part of the country that sadly receives negative headlines as a result of its conflicts. The province is home to 2 main rivers, the Tani and Sai Buri. Pattani has a generally flat landscape with a 170-kilometer-long coastline on the Gulf of Thailand. It boasts exceptional cultural sites such as the Krue Se Mosque and the Lim Kor Niao Shrine, as well as spectacular natural elements such as forests, rivers, and oceans. 

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How to get to Pattani

Map of Pattani Province

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Top Attractions in Pattani

Pattani Central Mosque

Pattani Central Mosque

A well-known mosque with elegant design that was built in 1954 and is one of Thailand’s largest mosques.

Krue Se Mosque

Krue Se Mosque (Masjid Kerisik)

A mosque from the 16th century with a blend of Middle Eastern and European architectural styles.

Wat Chang Hai Rat Buranaram

Wat Chang Hai Rat Buranaram

An ancient Buddhist temple that has existed for over 300 years.

Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Shrine

Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Shrine (Leng Chu Kiang Shrine)

A shrine dedicated to a local Chinese lady for her sense of filial piety and patriotism.

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Pattani Travel Guide - Old Man at Krue Se Mosque
An old man at the entrance of Krue Se Mosque – Pattani Travel Guide

Summary of Pattani Travel Guide

Pattani is a tiny province in far southern Thailand that is to the north of Yala on Thailand’s east coast, between Songkhla to the north and Narathiwat to the south. In the province, there are several interesting tourist attractions. Pattani offers it all, from old temples to intriguing museums, cultural landmarks to lovely beaches. Still unsure? Feel free to visit other destinations in Thailand for more suggestions:

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