Phrae Travel Guide - Wat Phra That Cho Hae
The 14th century Chiang Saen style pagoda enshrining Buddha relics in Wat Phra That Cho Hae – Phrae Travel Guide

Introduction to Phrae Travel Guide

In the province of Phrae, one of Thailand’s oldest cities may be found. Phrae is located in Northern Thailand. The neighboring provinces are Phayao, Nan, Uttaradit, Sukhothai, and Lampang.

In 828, Phaya Pol established the city of Phrae by relocating people from Chiang Saen, Chaiburi, and Wiang Phang Kham to the area and named it ‘Phol Nakhon.’ The name was eventually altered to ‘Wiang Ko Sai’, which translates to ‘Silk Cloth’. When King Tilokaraj led an invasion to take Nan in 1443, Phrae became a member of the Lanna Kingdom. During the reign of King Rama V in 1897, Phrae was formally designated as a province of the Kingdom of Siam.

Although Phrae is not a well-known tourist destination, it is a worthwhile stop for those interested in learning more about Northern Thai culture. Phrae is bordered by mountains on all sides, with low plains in the center. One of the Phrae’s main highlights is Wat Phra That Cho Hae, which is an ancient temple of the province.

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How to get to Phrae

Map of Phrae Province

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Top Attractions in Phrae

Wat Phra That Cho Hae

Wat Phra That Cho Hae

The most notable Buddhist temple in Phrae, with a classic Lanna style pagoda.

Wat Phra That Doi Leng

A Buddhist temple known for its beautiful architectures and stunning scenery.

Wat Na Khuha

Wat Na Khuha

A small temple in the middle of a lovely, tranquil valley.

Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkhon Khiri

A temple primarily recognized for its Burmese-style reclining Buddha and beautiful ordination hall.

Wat Pong Sunan

Wat Pong Sunan

A charming temple with numerous amazing statues and structures.

Pae Muang Pee Forest Park

Pae Muang Pee Forest Park

A foreset park with amazing natural landscape formed by erosion.

Side Trips

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Phrae Travel Guide - Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkhon Khiri Buddha Statue
Golden Buddha statue at Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkhon Khiri – Phrae Travel Guide

Summary of Phrae Travel Guide

Phrae, also known as the Gateway to the Lanna Kingdom, has a long way to go from its glory as one of the country’s greatest teak commerce hubs. Most of the time, Phrae is just a stopover for visitors on their way to Nan, another famous destination in Northern Thailand. Nonetheless, Phrae is emerging as a one-of-a-kind destination with a lovely and authentic combination of stunning architecture, old religious buildings, and traditional lifestyles. This province is ideal for travelers seeking a less crowded and well-known destination. Still unable to make up your mind? Please feel free to visit any of Thailand’s other provinces:

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