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An amazing view from Phu Langka National Park – Phayao Travel Guide

Introduction to Phayao Travel Guide

Phayao is a Thai province located in upper Northern Thailand. Nan, Phrae, Lampang, and Chiang Rai are neighboring provinces. It has a border with Laos, in the northeast.

Phayao has a lengthy history. It was founded in 1095 and became the capital of a small kingdom that remained autonomous until the 15th century. After that, it was absorbed into the Lanna Kingdom, which ruled over Northern Thailand at the time. Phayao was a part of Chiang Rai province until 1977 when it became an independent province in its own right.

The province is a tranquil and lovely tourist destination with a fascinating history. The town is an excellent place to stop for a few days on your way across northern Thailand. There are a few lovely natural parks, temples, and a small town called Chiang Kham in the province. Interestingly, Phayao is one of the last sites in Thailand where the Lue people’s traditions are still alive.

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How to get to Phayao

Map of Phayao Province

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Top Attractions in Phayao

Phu Langka National Park

A national park that has the breathtaking Phu Langka mountain viewpoint.

Phayao Lake (Kwan Phayao)

A large lake with its iconic Naga statues.

Phu Sang National Park

Phu Sang National Park

A national park that features the gorgeous Phu Sang Waterfall.

Wat Nantaram (Phayao)

Wat Nantaram

A beautiful temple in the classic Tai Yai architectural style.

Wat Analayo Thipphayaram

Wat Analayo Thipphayaram

A temple on Doi Busarakam known for its seated Buddha and Naga statues.

Wat Si Khom Kham

Wat Si Khom Kham

A temple that houses Thailand’s largest Chiang Saen period Buddha statue.

Side Trips

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Phayao Travel Guide - Phu Nom at Phu Langka National Park
An amazing sunset view of Phu Nom at Phu Langka National Park – Phayao Travel Guide

Summary of Phayao Travel Guide

In summary, Phayao is a very gorgeous Thai province that attracts surprisingly few tourists. It is set around a picturesque lake called Kwan Phayao and is surrounded by palm trees and peaks in the distance. Phayao, easily accessible from Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, is a more tranquil option to its more well-known neighbors. This province is ideal for travelers seeking a less crowded and well-known location. Still can’t decide? Please do not hesitate to visit any of Thailand’s other well-known provinces:

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