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Pattaya City sign near Bali Hai Pier – Chonburi Travel Guide

Introduction to Chonburi Travel Guide

Chonburi is located on the Gulf of Thailand’s eastern shore. While Pattaya is one of the tourism capitals of Thailand, there are several more locations to visit and things to do in Chonburi.

Chonburi has been settled since the Ayutthaya period, according to historical evidence. It was once made up of many minor settlements, including Mueang Bang Sai, Mueang Bang Pla Soi, and Mueang Bang Phra. Later, King Rama V merged these towns to form Chonburi province.

The tourism attractions in Chonburi can suit many types of tourists. Local traditions, regional specialties, and fresh seafood highlight the area’s vast natural resources. Chonburi is also a beach lover’s paradise, with destinations including Bang Saen, Pattaya, and Koh Lan. Chonburi is one of the popular coastal provinces among Bangkok residents who seek to escape their hectic weekly schedules.

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How to get to Chonburi

How to get around Chonburi

Top Attractions in Chonburi

Chonburi - Pattaya Beach

Pattaya City

One of the most famous getaway beach resort in Chonburi.

Chonburi - Bang Saen Beach

Bang Saen Beach

The most convenient beach retreat from Bangkok.

Chonburi - Wat Yansangwararam

Wat Yansangwararam

A beautiful temple complex located in Pattaya.

Chonburi - Asdang Bridge in Koh Si Chang

Koh Si Chang

A lovely little island in the Gulf of Thailand.

Chonburi - Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

One of the largest botanical garden in Southeast Asia.

Chonburi - Khao Chi Chan

Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan)

Home to the largest engraving of Buddha in the world.

Pattaya Floating Market

The famous floating market in Pattaya.

Chonburi - Koh Larn

Koh Larn (Ko Lan)

An island with beautiful beaches and coral reefs.

Chonburi - Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth

A masterpiece of architecture made completely of wood with no metal nails.

Side Trips

Best time to visit Chonburi

The ideal time to visit Chonburi is determined by your tastes and the things you want to do during your visit. To help you decide when to visit Chonburi, This Chonburi travel guide has provided a rundown of the weather and events throughout the year.

Chonburi’s dry season lasts from November to February, with the coldest months being December and January. This is the busiest tourist season since the weather is nice and there is less risk of rain. During this season, the beaches are crowded, and you may enjoy outdoor activities like snorkeling, diving, and sunbathing.

The hot season lasts from March through June Chonburi, with temperatures average approximately 30°C. If you prefer outdoor activities, this is an excellent time to come because there are lots of water parks and beaches to cool down in. The Songkran Festival, which marks the Thai New Year, is held in mid-April and is celebrated with water fights and street parties.

The rainy season lasts from July to October in Chonburi, with the most rain falling in September and October. While the weather may be gloomy, there are still plenty of indoor things to do, such as visiting museums, temples, and shopping malls. The Vegetarian Festival takes place in October and features vegetarian food and traditional rituals.

Accommodations in Chonburi

Choosing suitable accommodation is an important component of arranging a trip to the charming province of Chonburi. Chonburi has a wide range of accommodation options, from low-cost hostels to upscale resorts. Chonburi has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a relaxing area to unwind after a day of sightseeing or a luxurious retreat for your trip. We’ve worked with Booking.com to provide you with a simple search box below to assist you in selecting the right accommodation. Simply enter your selected dates and parameters to find the best Chonburi accommodation offers.


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Chonburi Travel Guide - Asdang Bridge at Koh Si Chang
Aerial view of Asdang Bridge in Koh Si Chang – Chonburi Travel Guide

Summary of Chonburi Travel Guide

For a long time, Chonburi has been a popular coastal province on Thailand’s eastern region. While Pattaya is the tourism capital of Eastern Thailand, Chonburi offers a diverse range of sights and activities. There is enough to keep travelers occupied while in the province, from peaceful temples to excellent eateries and beautiful neighboring islands. There are other provinces that are awaiting for visitors to visit. Feel free to check out other provinces:

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